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Who am I?

  1. I am an activist. An activist that leads by example. An activist that does what he says.
  2. I am an anti-capitalist. The world runs on money. Unfortunately, money has made people so greedy, they're willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to make a few bucks off of it.
  3. I am an anarchist. The modern governments are cesspools of greed and corruption. Modern politicians are incompetent morons that lack any morals, virtues or leadership skills.
  4. I am a privacy advocate. Online and offline, over the years, privacy has become the topmost priority in my life.
  5. I support freedom of speech. I hate censorship.
  6. I support animal rights. All animals have a right to live and prosper unless they pose an active threat to human life.
  7. I am a vegetarian. I support a plant based diet.
  8. I support Free and Open Source Software.
  9. I support open, decentralized and federated services that should be available to all.
  10. I am anti-nationalist.
  11. I am an anti-fascist.
  12. I am anti-racist.
  13. I support environmental protection. My main propositions for environment protection are:-
    • Ban all fireworks
    • Reduce the consumer load on the electric grid by removing all unnecessary lighting in metropolitan areas
    • Ban mining
    • Ban logging
    • Ban disposal of waste in rivers, lakes, and the oceans

Come hang out with me:

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