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Social Media! It can be dangerous sometimes!

Hi there!

I know that social media can be a dangerous place for some people, especially with the insanity that is cyberbullying (WHY THE FRICK DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!), so I’m juuust a tad paranoid when I’m on there. Basically, I’ve written up a little… policy, if you want to call it that, that I go by when considering who to accept friend requests for on social media platforms that I’m on. You should probably check it out. Long story short, if i don’t know ya, i won’t add ya, unless you’re on the tildeverse and I’m comfortable I know you well enough.

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Brendan was here

o look im a blogger how. how epic

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This week…

This last week hasn’t been as hectic but whatever I’m gonna keep typing til I get bored.

  1. I transferred to my school’s other campus!
  3. I’ll probably stream after I publish this


Yeah. I did that. It’s been kinda hectic as it’s a whole new campus to me and I’m still getting used to it, but hey, I kinda like it already.

but why though?

I got bored of the electives at the old campus, I guess. Sure, the electives at the current campus are 99% the same, but there wasn’t metalwork at the old campus! Also, the construction works were kind of getting to me.


Yep! an Oppo AX7 to be exact! Love it already, despite it being a Chinese-branded smartphone. It works better. Much better. That’s all that matters to me. (I upgraded from a Huawei Ascend G510-0200, a phone from ~2014)


Yeah! I might (no promises) do a ~radio stream at about 02:00 UTC (Midday AEDT). It’ll have Christmas music, submitted by those in #tilderadio yesterday, with the help of a Google Form.

If I don’t post again before Dec. 25th, Merry Christmas to all!

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What a f**kin' hectic week…

Okay, let’s start with Tuesday.

As some of you know, I have a back condition called scoliosis.

For quite a few years I’ve been attending appointments every 6-12 months at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne to check up on my scoliosis, and thankfully, because I’ve been growing steadily, the angle of my scoliosis has been growing steadily.

I had my routine appointment on Tuesday (26.11.2019) and, unfortunately, my spine’s angle has reached 55°. My doctor suggested surgery.

Of course, I’ve been dreading that day for god knows how many years. Put it simply, I do not want to have surgery. Maybe it’s the whole fear of having to be on painkillers for about a month, or not being able to ride my bike to & from school for about 6-12 months. Maybe it’s just the fear of basically not being able to go on holidays overseas without a letter from my doctor to tell airport staff “don’t worry about the metal detector, guys, this guy has a rod on his spine” (which my doctor debunked, saying that I wouldn’t pop up on a metal detector as the screws & such will be titanium, and airport metal detectors shouldn’t pick me up). Maybe I just don’t like the idea of all of the above combined. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m strongly against having surgery.

Hell, it might even be because I just don’t like the idea of having needles in me, or having my back sliced open. I don’t know.

After that appointment, my mum, little bro, Kieran, my nan, & I went to Papa Gino’s on Lygon St. in Carlton, and I’ve gotta say, their pizzas are very filling. I ordered a “medium” (think your standard takeaway pizza, but thinner base) Meat Lovers pizza, and the slices were about as big as Domino’s “New York” pizza. Yeah. I had to fold my slices in half. But hey, at least it filled me up.

Onto today. Friday.

I got up this morning, at my usual time of 7am (UTC +11:00), but not after having to get my overly affectionate cat, Casper, to move out of the way for me. I made my way to the lounge, and procrastinated for about half an hour before I finally got my arse ready for school.

I was ready to go by about 8:10am this morning, and arrived at school by about 8:25am. I noticed my school was awfully derelict for that time. Then, I noticed a member of staff pull up out the front of the school. I made my way over to him and asked him where everyone was. He said that today’s a report writing day — no students needed at school.

I was confused. I didn’t recall anyone saying earlier in the week that today was a report writing day. But, then again, I don’t remember a lot of stuff.

I rang home, and asked mum if she knew today was a report writing day. She wasn’t aware.

I just checked the last released school newsletter, and it reads the following:

How the f**k did I not pick that up when I first read that?
School newsletter editors, if you’re reading this, please have student-free days displayed in a more noticeable colour. That’s all I ask.



I had a chuckle at this video. Enjoy :p

Bible Time (Ft. Hbonmberguy) by TomSka — YouTube

It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday!

Howdy internet!
As I type this, it’s my birthday (weeeeeew)
Gotta be honest, all the birthday wishes are a teensy bit overwhelming. But hey, that’s life, right?
Stiill surviving (barely),

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Random thoughts: school camp

I’m currently on a train to melbourne, phone in hand, bored out of my mind.

It’s crazy to think that the teachers didn’t include spending money in the camp cost. Same goes for P.T card money. Pathetic in my eyes. Mum agrees. She blew up at one of the teachers (in a civil manner) as a result. (Update 11 hrs later: by civil manner, i meant that mum was just talking to the teacher about it. Really gotta stop exadurating huh.)

I miss my Casper cat too. Fed him and the other 3 for the last time this week. I hope he misses me too.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so that’s a thing… these seats don’t recline so can’t catch up on sleep on the way.

One of the “ratbags” is currently trying to make me swap dorms with him. What f**ing part of “no” doesn’t he understand?!

Oh yeah, and yesterday (Sun, 25th August) I went up to Mt. St. Gwinear and made a new friend! (Yet another female friend… god, how many of my friends are chicks?)

Anyways, there’s my venting for the day. I’ll probably check in tommorow.


Brendan Webb | ~brendantcc

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I had *way* too much fun

I had this photography assignment where I’ve gotta make a magazine cover.

Honestly, I had too much fun making it. It feels too.. chaotic… to me… Meh… You rate it.

oh... lo-looks like you can't see it..
See what I mean?!
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Welcome Leshayea and Michelle!

Today, when we were hanging out, I offered to add my friends Michelle and Leshayea to the WordPress instance.

They both accepted, so now they’re on what was originally my website! Welcome! 😀




Blogging @ the local shopping centre

Hello internet!

Im currently at my local shopping centre with my friends Michelle, Leshayea, and Kiesha. I’m here because of an activity that’s occurring today, that involves reptiles, and arachnids. Oh, and freaking scorpions too apparently. Heh. I have a fear of the lot of them. God help me. I’ll upload and add the photos to this post when i get home