Brendan as a DJ

Hi there! Not only am I a normal kid, but I also DJ for the tilderadio!

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Want to listen to ~radio? Hit the play button below:

Music: via Spotify

Old Setup:

  • Windows 10 Home on a HP Stream 11 x360 Convertible laptop
  • 4GB R.A.M
  • Quad Core Intel Pentium processor.
  • Mixer: VoiceMeeter Banana (as suggested by deepend).

Quick Note!ย  Because of the mixer, the audio quality was a little bit very crap. I’ve been looking into it, and nothing seemed to have helped.

Current Setup:

Windows 10 Home, v1903, on an ASUS Essentio CM6331 Desktop, with:

  • 6GB DDR 3 RAM
  •  4 Core Intelยฎ Coreโ„ข i5-3350P CPU @ 3.10GHz

Mixer (virtual): VoiceMeeter Banana (somehow outputs better audio now! Also I came across and set up the macros applet!)

Stream Software: 
BUTT v0.1.18

Mic: Audio-Technica ATGM1-USB Low Profile Microphone

Archives are no longer served on the tildeverse. After I stream next, they will be served here.