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What a f**kin' hectic week…

Okay, let’s start with Tuesday.

As some of you know, I have a back condition called scoliosis.

For quite a few years I’ve been attending appointments every 6-12 months at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne to check up on my scoliosis, and thankfully, because I’ve been growing steadily, the angle of my scoliosis has been growing steadily.

I had my routine appointment on Tuesday (26.11.2019) and, unfortunately, my spine’s angle has reached 55°. My doctor suggested surgery.

Of course, I’ve been dreading that day for god knows how many years. Put it simply, I do not want to have surgery. Maybe it’s the whole fear of having to be on painkillers for about a month, or not being able to ride my bike to & from school for about 6-12 months. Maybe it’s just the fear of basically not being able to go on holidays overseas without a letter from my doctor to tell airport staff “don’t worry about the metal detector, guys, this guy has a rod on his spine” (which my doctor debunked, saying that I wouldn’t pop up on a metal detector as the screws & such will be titanium, and airport metal detectors shouldn’t pick me up). Maybe I just don’t like the idea of all of the above combined. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m strongly against having surgery.

Hell, it might even be because I just don’t like the idea of having needles in me, or having my back sliced open. I don’t know.

After that appointment, my mum, little bro, Kieran, my nan, & I went to Papa Gino’s on Lygon St. in Carlton, and I’ve gotta say, their pizzas are very filling. I ordered a “medium” (think your standard takeaway pizza, but thinner base) Meat Lovers pizza, and the slices were about as big as Domino’s “New York” pizza. Yeah. I had to fold my slices in half. But hey, at least it filled me up.

Onto today. Friday.

I got up this morning, at my usual time of 7am (UTC +11:00), but not after having to get my overly affectionate cat, Casper, to move out of the way for me. I made my way to the lounge, and procrastinated for about half an hour before I finally got my arse ready for school.

I was ready to go by about 8:10am this morning, and arrived at school by about 8:25am. I noticed my school was awfully derelict for that time. Then, I noticed a member of staff pull up out the front of the school. I made my way over to him and asked him where everyone was. He said that today’s a report writing day — no students needed at school.

I was confused. I didn’t recall anyone saying earlier in the week that today was a report writing day. But, then again, I don’t remember a lot of stuff.

I rang home, and asked mum if she knew today was a report writing day. She wasn’t aware.

I just checked the last released school newsletter, and it reads the following:

How the f**k did I not pick that up when I first read that?
School newsletter editors, if you’re reading this, please have student-free days displayed in a more noticeable colour. That’s all I ask.

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