Social Media! It can be dangerous sometimes!

Hi there!

I know that social media can be a dangerous place for some people, especially with the insanity that is cyberbullying (WHY THE FRICK DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!), so I’m juuust a tad paranoid when I’m on there. Basically, I’ve written up a little… policy, if you want to call it that, that I go by when considering who to accept friend requests for on social media platforms that I’m on. You should probably check it out. Long story short, if i don’t know ya, i won’t add ya, unless you’re on the tildeverse and I’m comfortable I know you well enough.

Random thoughts: school camp

I’m currently on a train to melbourne, phone in hand, bored out of my mind. I miss Keisha already.

It’s crazy to think that the teachers didn’t include spending money in the camp cost. Same goes for P.T card money. Pathetic in my eyes. Mum agrees. She blew up at one of the teachers (in a civil manner) as a result. (Update 11 hrs later: by civil manner, i meant that mum was just talking to the teacher about it. Really gotta stop exadurating huh.)

I miss my Casper cat too. Fed him and the other 3 for the last time this week. I hope he misses me too.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so that’s a thing… these seats don’t recline so can’t catch up on sleep on the way.

One of the “ratbags” is currently trying to make me swap dorms with him. What f**ing part of “no” doesn’t he understand?!

Oh yeah, and yesterday (Sun, 25th August) I went up to Mt. St. Gwinear and made a new friend! (Yet another female friend… god, how many of my friends are chicks?)

Anyways, there’s my venting for the day. I’ll probably check in tommorow.


Brendan Webb | ~brendantcc

I had *way* too much fun

I had this photography assignment where I’ve gotta make a magazine cover.

Honestly, I had too much fun making it. It feels too.. chaotic… to me… Meh… You rate it.

oh... lo-looks like you can't see it..
See what I mean?!