the space for aussies! technical structure is made up of a network of services, each of which exist on their own subdomain. the currently offered services are;

admin services is the central hub for all things related to the administration of your account. this includes; changing password for services that use a password; adding/removing SSH keys for services that use SSH keys.

to access, ssh -i PATH/TO/SSH/KEY

web and gopher hosting

additionally, is where you can access your gopher and webpage hosting. currently, you can connect with any SFTP client (including modern versions of scp). filezilla is an inuitive and known working client. rsync is to come.


your webpage is accessible from
PHP is enabled.


your gopherhole is accessible from gopher://
some gopherholes are known to be broken currently due to's recent changes. these are being fixed on a case-by-case basis.

email offers a free mail account to all users. your email is all modern mail security features are used, such as DKIM, DMARC, SPF, etc.

to use it, you must first set a password for your account on this password will be used for IMAP and SMTP authentication.

autoconfiguration is available for most mail clients. if you need to configure manually, the recommended details are:


data dumps

if you were a member on the original shell server, which has been discontinued, your shell data is available on the server. this can be accessed over scp/sftp.

to access, run scp -i PATH/TO/SSH/KEY . or sftp -i PATH/TO/SSH/KEY

NOTE: if you are using an older version of OpenSSH (less than 8.7), scp still uses the buggy and much more insecure SCP protocol, instead of SFTP. we use the SFTP protocol to ensure no remote arbitary execution. hence, you will have to use sftp if you are using an older version of OpenSSH.

irc server hosts a low-latency irc server as a part of the network of irc servers. this is available on IRC ssl on port 6697 on any of,, or