the space for aussies!

what is provides a variety of services for free to you, to encourage community and make the tilde network accessible to australians. aussietilde is inspired by other tildes such as, the major difference being that aussietilde is physically located in australia, meaning way faster loading times and way better ping.

how do i join

simply see the join page, all it requires is to send an email!

are there any other tildes?

yes, heaps! is part of the tildeverse tilde network. see the tildeverse site for more information about

there are also many other tildes not affilated with the tildeverse. see for some other tildes.

what makes this tilde unique? is designed for australian tilde users. most of the current tildes are located in the EU or America, meaning they have super bad ping and loading times. i wanted to create a location where australian tilde users could have a similar experience in terms of quality.

who is allowed to sign up to this tilde?

anyone! this is not restricted to australian users, and we don't discriminate in any way against race, religion or colour. anyone who wants to be part of this tilde community can join!

please note that consistent abusive behaviour and failure to comply with the code of conduct will result in a permanent ban. if you have a permanent ban you will not be allowed to resignup to the tilde.