the space for aussies!

about, otherwise known as aussietilde, is a shared, publicly accessible linux system, known as a tilde or pubnix. aussietilde is inspired by other tildes such as, the major difference being that aussietilde is physically located in australia, meaning way faster loading times and way better ping.

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SSH Key Fingerprints

Here for your verification:
ECDSA: 256 SHA256:9D/duVmsf099t8kP89mzChA9qMFL5nS2zC323tjkD8A
ED25519: 256 SHA256:QyxtQBjlul72DVG1r5dwRSYZHuol6B3VqjblgB9GnyY
RSA: 2048 SHA256:qAW17W31By4GrwBUfRxuL90vecvBzUNFWnYVKJXwNTs
DSA (should not be trusted): 1024 SHA256:Mcsmg7aEZXB04JSg7K3k/rbqwBm5hLovTEpAkuOLnaI